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Click on the button to  fill out the  application form. Then print and email or mail to Owl Radio, 1250 NE Loop 410, Suite 800, San Antonio, TX  78209-1536.

​If you are visually impaired or print disabled or know someone who is, download our application form and return it to us to begin receiving this valuable service.  The application primarily tells us about you and how to reach you.

The second part of the application is a form to certify that you are eligible to receive the special programming on Owl Radio.  If you have a letter from a physician certifying you as legally blind, you may submit a copy instead of the certification form.
A donation of $25 or more with your application is appreciated, but not required, to help pay for this valuable service.  Please help if you are financially able.  Though donations are vital to our operation, no qualified applicant will be denied service because of an inability to contribute.

The special radio which is used to listen to Owl Radio will be assigned and delivered when we receive your application.  It will remain yours on loan for as long as you choose to use it, but it must be returned if it is not being used or if you move away from this area.  It is specifically tuned to receive Owl Radio and most likely would not function in other areas anyway.

We also encourage organizations or institutions which have a common living area for residents to apply for a radio to benefit those who are print impaired.

The forms are in Adobe Acrobat format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the files.  

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