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Updated February 2024

Thursday's Program Schedule

12 a.m. USA Today
1 a.m. The Wall Street Journal
2 a.m. New York Time Book Review
3 a.m. Nation and International News
4 a.m. Non Fiction Book Hour
5 a.m. Armchair Adventure
6 a.m. New York Times (Travel)
7 a.m. Environmental News

8 a.m. New York Times
9 a.m. San Antonio Express-News
10 a.m. San Antonio Express-News
11 a.m. San Antonio Grocery Ads/AARP Magazine/Smithsonian
12 p.m. USA Today
1 p.m. The Writer's Voice
2 p.m. Choice Read
3 p.m. Consumers Advocate
4 p.m. Afternoon Report
5 p.m. Commentary
6 p.m. New York Times
7 p.m. San Antonio Express-News
8 p.m. San Antonio Express-News
9 p.m. San Antonio Grocery Ads/AARP Magazine/Smithsonian
10 p.m. Breakfast Table Times
11 p.m. Mystery Hour

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