Wednesday's Program Schedule

12 a.m. Good Night Owl (Books)

1 a.m. After Midnight

2 a.m. The Feminine Viewpoint

3 a.m. Old Friends

4 a.m. Chautauqua (Non Fiction Books)

5 a.m. Mother Earth

6 a.m. Sunday New York Times (Books)

7 a.m. Farm and Ranch News

8 a.m. Kansas Newspapers

9 a.m. San Antonio Express-News

10 a.m. San Antonio Express-News

11 a.m. San Antonio Comics/ Book Reviews

12 p.m. USA Today

1 p.m. Good Housekeeping Ladies Home Journal

2 p.m. Book Potpourri

3 p.m. Animal Watch

4 p.m. Acclaimed Books

5 p.m. Commentary

6 p.m. New York Times

7 p.m. San Antonio Express-News

8 p.m. San Antonio Express-News

9 p.m. San Antonio Comics

10 p.m. USA Today

11 p.m. Evening Odyssey