Hold your phone camera up to the QR Code.  Click on the notification to install it on your phone. 

If you are having trouble, you may need to make your screen brighter. 

Owl Radio Reading App IOS & Android.png

Or you may search for "Owl Radio Reading" app in your app store. 

Ways to Listen Live

Download our app
"Owl Radio Reading"
on your apple or android.

 How to Listen with Alexa


 You can now use your Alexa device to listen to Owl Radio and play podcasts.

The very first time you use it, you must say: “Alexa, enable Owl Radio” (You will only have to do that once to enable the skill)
    To Listen: Say “Alexa, open Owl Radio” Alexa will ask you if you want to listen to the livestream or a podcast To move to the next podcast, ask Alexa to go to “next” or “previous”
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